Busted for Impaired Driving?

Impaired Driving Charges in Toronto, GTA & Southern Ontario

Legal Action is proud and happy to work with Michael Rombis, a qualified DUI and impaired driving lawyer, known for his respectful and professional approach, complete accessibility and ability to beat even the most challenging charges. Michael deals with the drinking and driving or “driving under influence” issues expertly and time-efficiently. Knowing the possible devastating consequences of a criminal charge for drinking and driving, Michael is willing to go an extra mile to challenge the matters in court with the best possible outcome for you.

  • Don’t risk the devastating consequences of being left without a job, denied insurance or possible imprisonment
  • Free yourself from worries about your personal and financial future and the risk of a permanent criminal record
  • Get an effective representation from a highly-experienced DUI lawyer with long record of success

If you have been charged with a DUI offence, waiting out and procrastinating is not the best policy so make sure you contact us ASAP, by calling 416-226-7250 or using the contact form on the right. Michael Rombis has successfully represented clients for impaired driving charges as well as other criminal offences cases for over 7 years. Remember, there is always hope and the initial consultation is 100% free!